Desktop & Application Virtualization

CloudComm helps businesses build virtual application and desktop solutions that allow their employees to work from anywhere while cutting costs and addressing security requirements.

Once applications and desktops have been virtualized, organizations are able to realize significant cost savings as the resolution of issues, day-to-day management and maintenance activities are centralized in the data center. This approach eliminates the costs and inefficiencies associated with deploying IT personnel to the user locations to address problems and manage the environment. 

Web Application Security

Cyber-criminals are constantly looking to compromise web applications in order to steal information, disrupt availability and compromise security in order to carry out illegal activities. Traditional network security controls including firewalls and other intrusion prevention systems may be unable to stop the latest industrialized, multi-vector attacks designed to create downtime and harmful data breaches that can be very costly to recover from. Cloudcomm focuses on implementing solutions that secure our customers’ data at the point of access - their web applications - protecting them from advanced web attacks, site scraping, DDoS and fraud.   

Managed Services

  Cloudcomm’s Managed Services enables clients to achieve maximum uptime of their IT environment by providing remote monitoring, alerting and administration of key infrastructure components.    Cloudcomm Managed Services are available for Citrix, Microsoft, VMWare and other vendor platforms. We can also support environments deployed in cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.   

Virtual Workspaces

CloudComm leverages "best of breed" technologies and proved Service Delivery practices to provide fully integrated Virtual Workspaces that allow people to access their applications, corporate desktops and files from anywhere. Every solution is custom built to support each organization's choice of private/public cloud, end-suer device and security requirements.